Carrying the Seeds of Life

The 36 Biodiversity Hotspots and the future of life on Earth

The thirty-six Biodiversity Hotspots are the places where the diversity of life on Earth is in the greatest danger. Cahya, a young healer, needs to find a cure for the disease of blindfoldness, which is driving her people to destroy the forest where they live. Guided by the endangered species she meets along the way, Cahya must gather a seed from each hotspot while learning about biodiversity and conservation. But will she complete her mission before it's too late?

Llevar las Semilas de la Vida​

Los 36 Puntos Críticos de Biodiversidad y el futuro de la vida en la Tierra

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Robert Alcock, based on an original idea by Juan Camilo Roman Estrada, with contributions by Euri Bartolomé Vidal

Hotspot Passports:

André Santos



Inês Cunha


Marta Horodniczy


Petr Hyldebrant


Inés Martínez


Sara Riel


Carmen Sáez


Paulo Silva


Ronald Velázquez

Cover illustration:

Carmen Sáez


Biodiversity Illustrated


Anastasia Mazur

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